UNIQ teaches fans choreography to “EOEO” in 1theK’s “Let’s Dance”

After releasing the music video for the upbeat and funky track “EOEO,” UNIQ appeared on 1theK‘s Let’s Dance on May 1st.

The members of UNIQ gathered as they revealed the steps to their eye-catching choreography. As the video started, the five member group gave fans a preview of their urban dance moves and followed it by adorably sharing their love for fans.

The tutorial started as they taught the “Jwibulnori” dance, followed the “EOEO” choreography, and more while ending the tutorial as they did a brief recap.

Meanwhile, UNIQ released the music video and held their comeback with the song “EOEO” on April 24th. In addition, they released their first mini-album which consists of the tracks “EOEO,” “Luv Again,” “Listen to Me,” “Falling in Love,” and Born to Fight.”

A dance version of the music video was released on April 30th.