UNIQ want to “Luv Again” in new MV release

After UNIQ released the music video for their comeback track “EOEO,” the five-member group gather is following up with the music video for “Luv Again” on May 22nd.

Surrounded by the sunny weather while next the beach, UNIQ sincerely sang from their hearts as if they wanted to capture the heart of their first love again. Throughout the music video, the five-member group continued to showcase their emotions as they sang, “Please come back, I won’t lose you again, please see me who keeps watching you alone.”

“Luv Again” is one out of the five track that are featured in their 1st mini-album; additional songs are “EOEO,” “Listen to Me,” “Falling in Love,” and “Born to Fight.”

Meanwhile, UNIQ held a strong comeback as they released the music video for “EOEO” on April 24th where they showcased their urban street vibe and hip-hop track.