Untouchable raps like “Clockwork” in new MV ft. Babylon

On December 3rd, 1theK revealed Untouchable‘s music video for their comeback song “Clockwork” featuring Babylon.

Shots of the duo are seen throughout the music video as they walk past the lit graffiti city walls in their casual but trendy hip hop street wear.  The city becomes more active as the night progresses, where they sing how at home they feel with the city’s liveliness. They become enthralled with the city lights as they continue to party the night away.

These two voices certainly mesh together like “clockwork” in this song as they easily switch between the rapping lines and the harmonizing chorus. Composed by a rising composer team, Ye-Yo!, there is much to anticipate from this song as Untouchable’s passionate hip hop skills are indisputable, which can be seen from their earlier song “Take Out.”

Their digital single “Clockwork” has been released on December 3rd.

Watch their music video below!