Untouchable releases making of video for “I See the Path” ft. Vasco and Giriboy

With the much anticipated return of Untouchable, the hip-hop duo has released a making of video for their new digital single “I See the Path” featuring Vasco and Giriboy.

The video shows Untouchable, Vasco, and Giriboy recording the single at TS Entertainment‘s studio.

Released on November 7th and produced by BrandNew Music‘s ASSBRASS, “I See the Path” is both stylish and tough with rap heavy vocals over beats made with string and brass instruments and piano. The track’s title in Korean, “Giri Boyeo,” creates another layer of a play on words as the songs features rapper Giriboy himself.

Check out the making video below and tell us what you think of Untouchable’s new digital single!