Untouchable runs the town in crazy “Crayon” MV

On March 17th, Untouchable revealed the music video for their comeback track, “Crayon” off their 5th mini-album HEllVEN.

Untouchable recently also shared a music video teaser for this track, getting fans excited for the fun lyrics and interesting music video.

The unique music video featured a variety of diverse shots and camera angles that appear rather non-traditional. The storyline began with a child drawing in the dark before a mysterious woman in a tight red dress entered.

Soon, the rappers themselves appeared. They rapped from the child’s desk and drove around town in small golf carts while shooting water guns into the camera. The music video also featured odd 3D filming techniques that show the rappers walking around the world.

Aside from these, hilarious scenes from the music video include a sexy barber shop scene and a comedic robbery.

Check out their music video here: