Upcoming boy group ROMEO releases teaser video for member Seunghwan

After releasing the individual teaser videos for members Hyunkyung and Kyle, ROMEO released the teaser video for member Seunghwan on April 23rd.

Similar to Hyunkyung and Kyle’s teaser, Seunghwan was seen sitting down in causal clothing as he was surrounded by branches and trees. However, the beginning of the video showcased a clip where it mimics a person who is walking through a field. The gloomy appearance that the teaser portrays, seems to be a theme from their upcoming music video.

The seven member group is under CT Entertainment which consists of previous employees from SM Entertainment. The entertainment agency’s employees are known to have worked in SM Entertainment for over 10 years. In addition to being under CT Entertainment, ROMEO has signed a contract with Japanese agency, Pony Canyon.

Prior to their debut, they are set to release four more individual teaser which will follow with their debut in May.