Used Cassettes’ Danny Arens and VV:D’s Crush featured in Planet Shiver’s remix of “Rainbow”

Korean duo Planet Shiver (Philtre and DJ Friz) collaborates with American guitarist Danny Arens from expat band Used Cassettes to do a remix of the duo’s newest song “Rainbow,” featuring Crush from VV:D.

A mini interview and backstage preparation is shown before the song is played, explaining how the artists came together. Danny came specially to perform the guitar segment of this remix and speaks extremely fluent Korean. He commented on his joy in being able to perform with Planet Shiver as he likes their particular style of music. DJ Friz also mentions future hopes and ambitions for the band’s music.

Just two days ago, Crush also posted a picture of “Rainbow’s” single cover on Instagram, proclaiming his enjoyment for the song.

This remix version of “Rainbow” has more folk and ballad elements. Starting with Crush’s sweet vocals heart-warming vocals accompanied by Danny’s gentle strumming. As we go into the chorus, the unique electronic sound of Planet Shiver is brought out. This special live performance gives a completely different feel and sound compared to the original “Rainbow.”

Watch the special clip on 1theK below