Vascso and C Jamm release MVs for “Royal Roader” game

To promote mobile game Royal Roader, rappers Vasco and C Jamm each released a rap track highlighting the fun aspects of the game.

The two tracks are derived from the same beat, with each rapper describing different aspects of the game. Whereas there are some differences in the two tracks, both raps focused heavily on the world-building and battling elements, highlighting the players’ abilities to “Walk like a King” and “Talk like a King.”

With the lyrics appearing on screen accompanied by the avatars found in the game itself, the two tracks help viewers follow the message of the rap as well as expose them to several of the in-game possibilities.

In related new, both Vasco and C Jamm worked together recently in Vasco’s most release “Giddy Up.”

Make sure to check out both rappers’ versions of “Royal Roader” below: