Verbal Jint records live version of “Good Start” with Kang Min Hee of MISS $

Verbal Jint gave a live performance of his song “Good Start,” released via his record label BrandNew Music‘s YouTube channel, with the original featured singer Kang Min Hee of MISS $.

Verbal Jint is known for his mellow, relaxing rap songs such as “Good Start,” which was recently re-released for Unpretty Rapstars featuring 2AM‘s Seulong and AOA‘s Jimin. In the live video uploaded on March 10th, Verbal Jint and Kang Min Hee are performing the song at night at Han River with a nice view of the city lights on the other side, making it the perfect atmosphere for the song. Both of the artists sound just as good in the live video compared to the recording on the music video.

Recently on Mnet‘s Unpretty Rapstars, Verbal Jint produced the songs “My Type” and “Good Start 2015” with the contestants. Both of the songs quickly became high ranking on the charts and are now fan favorites.

Check out the live performance of “Good Start” below: