Verbal Jint’s confession about IU draws attention after “Running Man” appearance

Korean hip-hop artist Verbal Jint has been drawing much attention for his confession about IU after his appearance on a recent Running Man episode.

The Running Man team was pitted against Yoo Jae Suk and his hip-hop team consisting of Jessi, San E, Jay Park, Eun Ji Won, and Verbal Jint. Verbal Jint was labeled as humorous, but also the weakest link as he was beaten by Kim Jong Kook in a relay race and had troubles holding a cup around his mouth and chin in the same game earlier on Verbal Jint’s entertaining performance and character had Running Man fans curious about who he is.

Verbal Jint made a special appearance on an episode of MelOn TV‘s #Hashtag on May 4th where he talked about “his type” based on his comeback track “My Type 2.”

When asked, “Which artist do you wish to be a producer for?” Verbal Jint replied, “If possible and if things work out, IU! I think she’s doing an amazing job at building her reputation as an artist. She tries a lot of new things with courage. I’m sure there’s something for me to bring out from her. I believe it will be fun.”

Verbal Jint reveals that he was a producer before he even considered himself a rapper. Verbal Jint adds that when he is creating music, he believes that the track has to be to a something that he is okay holding on to in his memories.

Responding to a question from a fan on Twitter, Verbal Jint shared that EXID‘s LE is one of the best female rappers. He goes on to share that LE was from the underground hip-hop group Jiggy Fellaz prior to becoming a member of EXID.

Watch the entire #Hashtag interview below!

Source: FPN Daily