Veteran singer Yang Hee Eun picks her MelOn Playlist

Veteran singer Yang Hee Eun is the latest artist to be featured in the MelOn Playlist series where she chooses her favorite songs that are timeless classics.

In a video posted on February 25th on the 1theK YouTube channel, Yang Hee Eun, who has been a singer for 44 years, chooses some of her favorite songs that have influenced her over the years. With a mixture of Korean, English, and Spanish artists, Yang Hee Eun selects songs for her playlist and explains why each has affected her, both personally and as an artist.

Yang Hee Eun’s MelOn Playlist is as follows:

1. Gene Kelly, Donard O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds – “Singin’ in the Rain”

  • When she is feeling a bit unmotivated in her work, Yang Hee Eun listens to “Singin’ in the Rain” for inspiration. She also admires the hardworking performers in the classic musical.

2. Mercedes Sosa – “Gracias a la Vida”

  • A song that’s perfect for any mood, Yang Hee Eun first saw Sosa perform when she was living in New York City. She enjoys the Latin style music that Sosa shares from her Argentinian home.

3. Cascades – “Rhythm of the Rain”

  • The sound of rain in this song makes her forget all about her stress, even if it only lasts the duration of the song. She enjoys the overlapping sounds of music and nature in the song.

4. Andaseong – “When the Love Echoes”

  • A classic Korean pop tune with an orchestral backing, Yang Hee Eun practiced singing with this song when she was still a little girl.

Check out the video below of Yang Hee Eun’s choices for her MelOn Playlist.