[★VIDEO] AOA sheds tears for winning first place on MBC Show! Champion

The sexy ladies of AOA can happily slink away with their very first win for their “Like A Cat” promotions on MBC Show! Champion.

The final moments of the November 19th broadcast of MBC Show! Champion may possibly stay etched in the hearts and memories of AOA forever, as it marks the moment they experienced their first win with their new highly-popular single “Like A Cat.”

It truly was a joyous occasion, not just for the members, but also for their cheering fans, whose chants are truly beyond compare in both volume and enthusiasm. The love for their fans and the support they receive are clearly expressed, especially so through the tears of happiness that were shed, cute victory dances, and leader Jimin‘s breathless and quite lengthy thank-you speech.

Jimin’s speech also demonstrated how much gratitude the ladies held towards those who have been helping and guiding them behind-the-scenes, as she rushed through the speech, trying to name all the ones that she could remember on the spot, including executive members, coordinators and dance instructors amongst others. And, of course, their gratitude spread further out, towards “the FNC family, CNBLUE sunbaes and FTISLAND sunbaes.  We will continue to work even harder. Thank you. Elvis, we love you!”

The rest of the line-up, including Kyuhyun, ZhouMi, Hello Venus, Lovelyz, Ulala Session, Laboum, HOTSHOT, Ali, UNIQ and Yoon Hyun Sang, are also to be congratulated on each of their own top-notch performances.

Check out the humble ladies of AOA as they receive their trophy!


Source: OSEN