[★VIDEO] Apink holds a pizza eating contest on “OVEN RADIO”

On November 27th, 1theK released the fourth episode of OVEN RADIO: Apink – LUVwhich featured the six members of Apink vying for the title of Queen of Mukbang.

The girls started off the fourth episode of the show by each showing off their rapping skills, treating their fans to a couple of adorable lines. For the first half of the video, the girls called two of their lucky fans, who were faced with a series of questions about the Apink members. Despite the difficulty of the questions, which included Hayoung’s birthday, Na Eun‘s bloodtype, and the name of Eunji‘s character in the drama Trot Lovers, the two super fans did not disappoint the girls by answering all the questions correctly, earning themselves special gifts from the group.

The main DJ for the episode, Hayoung, then revealed to the rest of her group that Apink would be holding a pizza eating contest. As the group has been known as mukbang idols because of their willingness eat anything and everything, the girls held a showdown to determine who among them would be crowned the Queen of Mukbang. As the girls ate their slices of pizza, the staff behind the camera voted for the winner on the basis of eating style and speed. The result was a victory for Na Eun, which left the other members dissatisfied.

Before ending the show, Apink took a song request from a fan who could not decide between trying out for the school basketball team or studying to become a PE teacher. He asked the girls to sing “I Don’t Know” for him, because he doesn’t know what he wants.

Apink recently made a comeback with their new hit “LUV,” for which they achieved the “all-kill” status. Are you a fan of Apink’s newest track? You can check out Apink’s latest antics on OVEN RADIO in the video below!