[★VIDEO] B.I.G releases photo making of their Christmas photo shoot

The boys of B.I.G left a cute Christmas present for their fans, a behind the scenes making video of their Christmas photo shoot.

The video was uploaded on December 25th. It features the boys in 5 different colored Santa suits, black, purple, pink, red and green.

Heedo poses first in green and is adorable with a red Rudolph nose. Gunmin in a purple suit poses chic with a mustache on stick. Gookminpyo is pretty in pink as he munches on a treat. Jhoon is the original Santa in red as he carries a heavy sack of gifts. Lastly, Benji is in stylish black and poses with his violin.

The boys show off their adorable charms by playing with the camera, taking selfies and even playing with an adorable puppy. They later ditch their Santa suits for more stylish modern winter threads. They continue to take pictures, but this time have a completely different vibe to them.

Recently the boys raised money for those in need by becoming baristas for a day and serving coffee to fans and customers alike.

You can check out the adorable boys of B.I.G below: