[★VIDEO] Brand New Music to hold 5th “Brand New” concert ft. San E, Phantom, Seventeen and more

Brand New Music has announced they will be holding their 5th “Brand New” concert in Seoul, which will feature an array of artists along with two special guests.

Officially titled as “Brand New Day Vol. 5 BrandNew’s Brand New”, the concert will be held on November 8th at the Seoul Hongdae V-Hall at 7pm KST, and will feature eight artists from the Brand New Music company.

Hitting the stage will be San E, Phantom, Taewan, Kanto, Champagne & Candle, Yang Da Il, and DJ IT. The concert will also feature two special guests: Kang Min Hee and Seventeen.

The “Brand New Day” concert series is a hit with hip-hop and R&B fans in Korea, with other great Brand New artists like Verbal Jint, Bumkey, and Swings having participated in the past.

Check out the spot for the concert below!

Source: BrandNew Music Facebook, BrandNew Music