[★VIDEO] BTS teaches fans how to take a selfie

BTS has revealed the latest installment of their YouTube series BANGTAN BOMB by teaching fans the proper techniques for taking selfies!

Coming after the releases of their Japanese version of “Danger” and music video for “War of Hormones,” off of their newly released album DARK&WILD, the boys of BTS reveal their goofy sides to their fans and viewers.

On November 10th, the members seemed to be enjoying some down time in between promotions for their latest album by snapping a few selfies.

Starting out with Jimin taking the lead, he and Jin (Kim Seokjin) begin taking several cute and silly photos together. J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) comes in abruptly and takes the camera from Jimin, executing stellar selfie techniques with Jin and Jungkook in the background.

Clearly the boys of BTS make time to have fun, despite their busy activities, as we’ve seen with Jimin and J-hope’s rendition of SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body.”

Check out the video below and see BTS in action!