[★VIDEO] DFLA & AOMG showcase their rap skills in a cypher

South Korea meets America as Danny from LA’s Parker and AOMG surprise viewers with a special video, showing their talented rapping skills in a cypher.

On November 23rd, Mnet America uploaded an official video showing both DFLA and AOMG freestyle rapping to the beat of the music. Before AOMG kicked off their tour in Los Angeles, Danny from LA‘s Parker and Jay Park, Simon D, LOCO and Gray from AOMG had a rap cypher.

As the beats dropped, the first to freestyle was Parker and as he ended his verse with, “It’s the AOMG crew with DFLA,” Simon D shared his powerful rap in Korean while LOCO was up next. Following, Gray took the mic and rapped as Jay Park smoothly came in with his English verse and ended the cypher with Parker.

Danny from LA is a Mnet America talk show where the two hosts, Danny Im from the legendary Korean group, 1TYM and rapper Parker talks about the latest Korean entertainment news. In addition, AOMG recently finished their US tour on November 23rd as they performed in D.C.