[★VIDEO] Eric Nam invites you to his very first U.S. tour

With his very first U.S. tour approaching, Eric Nam has released a short and friendly video message for all his American fans inviting them to attend his showcases.On January 15th, Eric Nam first revealed news of his very first tour in the United States through his Instagram account, sparking attention and anticipation among his many American fans. In an addition to the whole event, SPICA‘s Boa will also be joining the solo artist on his tour.

The tour dates and locations along with ticket prices soon followed the first announcement with New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles in store. The details are as follows:

New York: 2/20
Atlanta: 2/22
Dallas: 2/27
Los Angeles: 3/1

In the video greeting, Eric Nam playfully announces that he is excited to be performing in the United States for the first time after debuting, showing his anticipation to meet his American fans. He then continues by announcing the aforementioned dates and locations and warning his fans that the VVIP tickets have already been sold out with only a few VIP tickets left on the market.

The artist then finishes off by asking his fans to spread the word about his showcases, saying, “Tell your friends! Tell your mom, tell your pops! Tell your grandma, your dog, or whoever! Bring them along.

Tickets for each stop went on sale on January 15th, so get your tickets now at Ticketmaster (New York and Atlanta) or Eric Nam’s tictail. You can also follow the Facebook event page for each city: New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Check out his video message below!