[★VIDEO] Gaeko bares an imperial mustache for encore stage following first win on Mnet M! Countdown

Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko has taken his first win on Mnet M! Countdown for his leading track “No Makeup” featuring Zion.T and HA:TFELT off his first solo album REDINGRAY for the October 23rd broadcast. 

In an amazingly close race to first place, Gaeko wins his first trophy as a solo artist against VIXX‘s “Error”, winning by a mere 15 points.

Gaeko said during his winning speech, “Thank you very much. I can’t even try and hide this good feeling. Thank you to the fans for loving my music, and thank you to those were involved in the album’s creation. Choiza, thanks. I love you. Let’s make a new Dynamic Duo album quickly.

Following his speech, with the help of M! Countdown‘s MCs, Gaeko fulfills his promise to fans, having stated that if he won first place, he would draw a mustache on his face. Along with the imperial style mustache, the handsome MCs also drew a goatee on Gaeko’s face, who proceeded to perform his encore stage afterwards. Gaeko can also be seen giving friendly hugs to his night’s rival, VIXX, before they walked off stage.

Congratulations to Gaeko for his win!

Source: My Daily