Video of Girl’s Day Minah allegedly being rude to Yura surfaces

Girl’s Day‘s Minah recently came under fire after a post on a community bulletin board described her alleged rudeness towards fellow member Yura. The video of the incident has since surfaced.

The girl group made a guest appearance on the SBS radio show Cultwo Show as part of their promotions for “Ring My Bell.” The video reveals the girls entering from the left with Sojin seen first, followed by Hyeri, then Minah quickly enters the video frame with Yura right behind her.

The original netizen post described, “But after seeing this live radio broadcast, the Girl’s Day members walk straight in but Minah notices some fans and stops. Seeing this, Yura passes Minah to go sit at the third seat but then Minah was holding some piece of paper? She quickly put the paper on the third seat’s table not allowing Yura to sit there. When Yura looks at Minah all confused, Minah acts as if nothing happened making Yura just naturally sit on the fourth seat. :(“

However, the actual video of the incident can speak much louder than words and caps initially shared by the original poster.

Watch the clip below: