[★VIDEO] Lee Jong Suk gets a shaggy hairdo for the upcoming SBS drama “Pinocchio”

Actor Lee Jong Suk sports a long, shaggy hair style in a short teaser clip for his upcoming SBS drama Pinocchio! The clip shows the actor’s drastic transformation for his new drama. 

The teaser video shows Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) on a TV show called “First Challenge Quiz Champion.” He is asked by the other man on the show about the correlation between hiccups and lies, before the camera cuts to a brief snapshot of Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) standing together on a beach.

Through the preview, viewers are finally given a glimpse of Lee Jong Suk’s character, as he portrays a handsome, rookie reporter who hides his good looks with ugly clothing and hair. A glimpse of Park Shin Hye’s character is also shown as another young reporter who happens to suffer from a chronic symptom called the “Pinocchio complex”, which makes her break out into violent hiccups if she lies.

Pinocchio, which recently held its first script reading, follows two amateur reporters as they mature during their  journey to chase and protect the truth.

The drama is set to air on November 12th, following the end of My Lovely Girl.

Source: Korea Herald