[★VIDEO] Lovelyz shares episode 4 of “Lovelyz Diary”

Lovelyz has released the 4th episode to fans, of their Lovelyz Diary series. In this episode, the girls get to go on a trip with the company and are super excited since they have been working hard on their debut with little to no breaks and a strict diet.

Throughout the episode it is evident that the girls are really excited to have this day to be able to eat anything, since most of what they talk about revolves around food. Hilariously enough the editors of the clip even made a comment saying they wanted to show the car ride to the village but since all the girls did was eat, it was cut out.

Lovelyz had their little escape from the city in a small village in Paju City. The first meal the members got to indulge in was ramen, something they haven’t been allowed to eat due to their diets, and so they thoroughly enjoyed it when given the chance. Afterwards, four members went on a stroll where they sang, put flowers in their hair and even sat down to share their thoughts. Kei mentioned how she hopes “people see us not individually. I wish the viewers see us as a team when on TV.”

In the end the girls shared another meal together where the CEO told them to freely eat as they please, making them even happier.

You can catch episode 4 of Lovelyz Diary below: