[★VIDEO] Malhada’s CHEMI and S.JINO dance to Crush’s “Give It To Me”

On October 25th, production company Malhada uploaded a smooth choreography video of two if its own artists, CHEMI and S.JINO dancing to Crush’s “Give It To Me.” 

The slightly antique, open space, combined with the natural and artificial lighting in the room set up a soothing atmosphere that compliments the R&B song they dance to. CHEMI and S.JINO stand out in their white shirts and black pants as they move their bodies to the music.

CHEMI and S.JINO show off their clean, sharp choreography and moves as they dance in sync with each other and the slow R&B beat of the song. Their focused expressions display their hard-work and love for what they’re doing.

Malhada has also previously released other covers, such as one of Hyobin and StimMarvel singing WINNER‘s “Empty.”  In related news, Crush will be making his comeback on October 30th, with his new song “Sofa.”

Check out CHEMI and S.JINO’s dance cover below!