[★VIDEO] MC Mong takes his first win since his comeback on MBC Music Core!

MC Mong has officially taken his first music show win since releasing his album MISS ME OR DISS ME over two weeks ago on November 15th via MBC Music Core. Despite negativity surrounding his comeback, MC Mong has risen up to #1.

Going up against the current popular tracks of VIXX‘s “Error” and BEAST‘s “12:30,” MC Mong wins with 7,353 points with his title track “MISS ME OR DISS ME,” BEAST coming in second place with 5,726 points and VIXX in third with 3,838 points.

Unfortunately, MC Mong was not present to receive his award as he is not looking to actively promote his album on air, as per the modern tradition. Instead, a partial of his song was aired as artists waved their goodbye to fans, making their way off stage.

MC Mong’s win on Music Core is significant as it shows that the artist continues to be supported by a plethora of fans despite a portion of netizens criticizing his return and attempting to keep his song away from the top charts.

Congratulations to MC Mong!