[★VIDEO] Mnet’s “NO.MERCY” introduces 4 trainees

Mnet has a new survival show on the way, in collaboration with Starship Entertainment, titled NO.MERCYOn December 5th 1theK uploaded two videos introducing four of the trainees that will be on the show.NO.MERCY is scheduled to air on Mnet on December 10th at 12pm KST and will be available to watch after the show on YouTube on 1theK’s channel. The show’s purpose is to create a new male rookie boy group and will feature Starship Entertainment’s top musicians and most skilled trainees. Furthermore the trainees are said to receive mentoring from some of Korea’s top mucisians during the show and will get to perform collaboration stages.

On December 5th, 1theK uploaded two short videos showcasing 4 trainees: Wonho, Hyungwon, #GUN and Jooheon. The first video introduces the “visual members” of NO.MERCY, Wonho and Hyungwon. Wonho defines himself as the sexy boy whose forte is taekwondo. Hyungwon defines himself as the tall one being 181 cm. He is also responsible for the visual and urban and hip hop dance.

The second video brings us “rap couple” #GUN and Jooheon. They begin the video with a little rap intro where Jooheon reveals he is 21 years old (20 internationally). They showcase their powerful and wild sides by spray painting the whole room, giving off a whole different vibe than that of Wonho and Hyungwon’s introduction. #GUN also comes close to the camera to reveal that his best side is his profile shot and strikes three poses.