[★VIDEO] Moon Heejun explodes in anger after being berated by his trainer on “Real Men”

In a recent episode of MBC Real MenMoon Hee Jun exploded in anger after getting berated by his trainer, endlessly pointing out the rocker’s faults.

On the October 26th episode of Real Men, the cast greeted new members including Moon Hee Jun, Im Hyung Joon, Kim Dong Hyun and others, and headed off to get their first training.

During the training however, Moon Hee Jun, who suffers from cervical disc, made it harder for him to participate in training, which resulted in him making a mistake. The attended trainer berated the singer, saying that if Moon Hee Jun was sick, it should have been shared prior to the training so there would be no interference.

With anger, the trainer also pointed out his faults regarding the positioning of his gun, embarrassing Moon Hee Jun by stating, “If you are tired are you just gonna get killed by the enemy’s bullet?”

Discontent but knowing that he cannot disobey his supervisor, Moon Hee Jun responded by stating his name as loud as possible, showing his anger.

Later on the interview, Moon Hee Jun confessed that he has been suffering from various disease including cervical disk, and added that he could not control his body properly due to it.

Source: Newsen