[★VIDEO] MR.MR plays telephone in the practice room

On October 27th, five-member boy group MR.MR and Winning Insight released a second compilation of their practice room shenanigan.

The group, which consists of Chang Jae, Tey, Jin, Ryu, Do Yeon, had released a similar compilation involving dance covers, including one of AOA’s “Short Hair”.  Like last time, the boys were similarly light-hearted and playful as they showed fans what goes on in their practice room.

The video begins with the members of MR.MR playing a game of telephone, where the boys displayed both their team chemistry and sense of humor. After successfully guessing the first answer and miserably failing at the second, the scene cut to each member individually practicing on their own in different areas, including singing, and playing the keyboard. While some members appeared to be serious, Do Yeon joked around by playing “Chopsticks” on the keyboard, and then teased the camera with his silly dancing before he finally settled down.

Fans noted the members’ wide range of talent and the pleasant atmosphere of their practice room, but what seemed to stand out the most to them was Do Yeon’s interesting teddy bear T-shirt.

Check out the video below!