[★VIDEO] Queen B’Z share their dance to Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle”

After the wiggle dance went viral in Korea, rookie girl group Queen B’Z is the next idol group in line to share a fun dance cover to Jason Derulo‘s song “Wiggle.”

On December 7th, JS Entertainment uploaded a video to their official YouTube of their girl group Queen B’Z doing the viral dance craze to Jason Derulo’s popular song “Wiggle.” Other girl groups like Hello Venus and Lip Service have also shared their own dance rendition to the catchy song.

The two members were seen showing off their sexy moves and lean bodies while dancing in a simple practice room. Throughout the short video, the girls were seen smoothly executing their moves and taking on some floor work as well. The choreography was able to showcase a new side to them in contrast to their latest comeback for “Bbi Bbi,” which has a happy and bright theme.

Queen B’z made their comeback in November, which was motivated by the children’s book character Pipi Longstocking. Their music video for “Bbi Bbi” showcased a fun and upbeat theme as they embodied Pipi Longstocking’s tomboy image.

Check out their dance below!