[★VIDEO] Shannon performs in a live concert practice video

After making her debut, British-Korean solo artist Shannon revealed a live performance in a concert practice video, showing off her impeccable live singing.

On December 7th, DAP Sound shared video of Shannon performing alongside a live band as she showcased her vocal skills. The video showed Shannon in laid back attire as she donned a simple beanie and hoodie. During the practice, Shannon performed a live version of Tori Kelly‘s song “Confetti”, and the popular song “Eyes, Nose, and Lips” by Taeyang. The talented vocalist adds her own singing style to these songs, and impresses with her strong vocals.

Shannon successfully made her long awaited debut back on November 29th through JTBC‘s Hidden Singer 3 after five years of training. Debuting with her title track “Daybreak Rain,” she showed off a new mature image while performing with choreography done by renowned dancer Ian Eastwood.

Take a look at her practice video below!