[★VIDEO] SISTAR reveals their physical fitness regimen

SISTAR reveals their physical fitness regimen in an interview on KBS Entertainment Weekly aired October 25th. 

Set in an intimate setting, the four members of SISTAR quaintly sit on silver folded chairs with their interviewer sitting in front of them, who at one point, asked the popular girl group about their beauty secret.

Hyorin mentioned, “If your legs normally swell, then massaging and stretching them is really effective. The swelling can become permanent.”

Soyou shared her massaging techniques in more details, “To maintain the line or figure of your legs, massaging the calfs of your leg and achilles are helpful too. I do it pretty often.”

“I eat one meal for a day if I need to diet urgently. These days I maintain a regular dietary habits and work out sessions,” adds Dasom.

Watch the video here!

Source: NewsenStar News