[★VIDEO] Song Jae Rim dances to Sunmi’s “24 Hours” on MBC’s “We Got Married”

Actor and model Song Jae Rim performed a short dance to Sunmi’s hit track “24 Hours” on the latest episode of MBC’s We Got Married during his virtual wedding progression to Kim So Eun, receiving a hot reaction from viewers.

In a previous broadcast, Kim So Eun expressed her desire of seeing Song Jae Rim dance. On the December 6th episode of We Got Married, the actor fulfilled his virtual wife’s wish, prepared with a practice dance, posing on the ground as he prepared his performance.

Though an obvious embarrassed expression worn on his face, Song Jae Rim bravely continued his dance to make his virtual wife happy. Kim So Eun, impressed and happy with joy, gave her virtual husband a thumbs up at the makeshift alter.

In a side interview, Song Jae Rim revealed, “I practiced this dance for Kim So Eun for over two weeks. Even though I’m clumsy, I thought the aegyo would be enough for So Eun.”

Check out Song Jae Rim’s dance and practice clip below!

Source: Seoul Newspaper