[★VIDEO] Super Junior’s Siwon and Ryeowook’s surprise gift for ELFs

Currently busy with their ongoing promotions and concert tours, Super Junior‘s Siwon and Ryeowook reveals how they entertain themselves while working, as they partake in a high note battle!

SMTOWN released a short clip of Siwon’s and Ryeowook’s antics on October 24th. Taken during a break in their “This is Love” music video filming, the two Super Junior members take part in a hilarious high note competition. Throughout the video, both were doubling up in laughter at they each tried to reach the higher note. Heechul spots their competition at the end and laughs with them as Ryeowook belted his shrill scream.

Recently, Siwon was reported to have been seen injured at the SMTOWN concert in Shanghai, and has asked ELFs to send him funny pictures to help him feel better. On a different note, Ryeowook has expressed his apologetic feelings to ELFs on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio in light of Sungmin’s upcoming marriage. Also, Heechul has recently returned from his hiatus on Instagram and Weibo, the hiatus following Sungmin’s marriage announcement.

The group is currently busy promoting their repackaged album “This Is Love”, along with ongoing concert tours for SMTOWN LIVE IV.