[★VIDEO] TVXQ personally announces their upcoming “T1ST0RY” concert tour

After SMTOWN previously revealed their “T1ST0RY” poster, TVXQ has personally relayed the news to Cassiopeia with a video message, announcing their upcoming solo Seoul tour.

Released on October 28th, TVXQ invited Cassiopeia to come to their 2-day Seoul live tour titled “T1SToRY” this December, which will take place at the Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium on December 6th at 4pm KST and December 7th at 6pm KST.

Replaying back to their earlier successful performances, their video message definitely left fans excited as TVXQ will be showcasing their cool charisma on stage, something to look forward to in their upcoming local concert tour.

Greeting fans, Yunho and Changmin announced the details of their concert, and how they have been diligently preparing to be able to share a memorable experience with Cassiopeia.

This live concert will be commemorating their 10th year since debut, as the tour’s title “T1ST0RY” is made up of the words “TVXQ”, “10” and “history”.


Tickets for the concert will be available for purchase via G-Market today on October 28th.

Recently, the duo has completed their “SMTOWN Live World Tour IV” tour in Shanghai, and Yunho has wrapped up his drama filming in The Night Watchmen’s Journal.