[★VIDEO] UNIQ is “Falling in Love” with 1thek’s “Let’s Dance”

Debuting with “Falling in Love” earlier this month, male group UNIQ returns to show fans their fun dance moves in 1thek‘s Let’s Dance on October 27th.

First showing off their chic sides, rookie group UNIQ individually introduced themselves, and confidently pointed out their most attractive features.

Afterwards, they break down the song’s notable dance moves in three easy steps: 1. Heart Drop Dance 2. Perfume Dance, 3. the Roar Dance.

For each step, UNIQ performed a silly short skit, which had members doubling up in laughter due to its cheesiness. Nevertheless, the skits helped encourage the dance’s feeling while helping fans fall into the groove. Finally, they tie together all three dance moves at the end with their bright smiles and enthusiasm.

This talented Chinese-Korean group has much to offer as they are formed by a YG Entertainment – Yuehua Entertainment collaboration. Their group name “UNIQ” is a combination of the words “unique” and “unicorn”, symbolizing UNIQ’s determination to become a uniquely legendary group. Not only are they known for their visuals and dance skills, but they are able to both vocally harmonize and rap, seen in their “Born to Fight” music video.