[★VIDEO] Episode 6 of “Lovelyz Diary” unleashed

Woollim Entertainment‘s girl group Lovelyz released their latest episode from their Lovelyz Diary Youtube series on December 12th.This episode takes us behind the scenes of the group’s music video shooting and preparations as the girls show off their charms and reveal their thoughts. This is the first music video shooting for them as a team and the girls have a valiant amount of energy despite working well past midnight.

In some cute scenes we see Jin reminiscing about candies that she used to eat when she was young as she spotted some on the set. In another scene, Sujeong is in the background pretending to be asleep as her unnis are shooting the gym scene, however she goes unnoticed and when Yein finds out from the staff, she laughs and apologizes to Sujeong for not noticing her. On filming the music video, Mijoo is still in disbelief and says, “It’s still surreal to me. I feel like we’re shooting  a casual video. I can’t believe this. I am looking forward to it.

Towards the end of the video we also find out that Jiae was not originally supposed to be in the center and instead it was Jin. However the night before, Jiae was switched from being on the side to being in the center which created a tense atmosphere between the two. Jiae explains in the video that she didn’t know if she should apologize to Jin because that might have hurt her feelings even more. However, Jin was also caught on camera reaffirming the fact that she does not think of herself individually but rather thinks for what is best for the team.

You can check out episode 6 of Lovelyz Diary below: