[★VIDEOS] Yoon Do Hyun reveals his favorite music on “Playlist”

Following Yoon Do Hyun‘s new album release Yoon Do Hyun Singing, he reveals his favorite artists in an interview for “Playlist”.

Yoon Do Hyun is a new object of interest after releasing his mini album Yoon Do Hyun Singing in September. Following this release, YouTube channel 1theK interviews the rocker in a new episode of “Playlist” to find out his favorite songs.

Among his favorites are quite a few English singers, some of which are very similar to the style of music he sings. But listed as his first favorite is Korean rock singer Deulgukhwa‘s “Please”. He explained that Deulgukhwa has always been his role model, even now as an adult. He even remembers singing this particular song wherever he went, because he loved it so much, and now it brings memories of his childhood back to him.

Want to find out more about Yoon Do Hyun’s’ favorites? Take a look at the full interview below with English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles!