[★TRENDING] Viewers blast “We Got Married” for making Chloe Moretz eat unfamiliar food

Viewers and netizens are unhappy with the way the staff of We Got Married has treated Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz, stating that they made the actress eat food she was unfamiliar with.

In a recent episode of We Got Married aired on June 13th, Chloe Moretz and Eric Nam partnered up for a special appearance and visited couple Henry and Yewon‘s house, where they were treated to peculiar Korean food.

As they sat down for a meal, Henry and Yewon played a prank joke on the Hollywood actress, placing a whoopy cushion on her seat, livening up the atmosphere with laughter before the virtual couple introduced their guest to Korean food.

But it is what was served that has shocked viewers, this included steamed cocoon (silkwore larvae), live octopus, and blood sausages. While all these foods are quite unique to Korea, it is extremely foreign to others from another country. Viewers and netizens both commented that the food seemed to have been forced upon Chloe Moretz and they were extremely uncomfortable watching the segment.

However, the producer of the reality variety show commented that it was in fact Chlore Moretz who had suggested this herself, asking if she could try unique foods like live octopus as she was highly interested in eating unique dishes.

[+ 1741, – 24] Please stop forcing those things on foreigners. Do you think viewer want to see these things? Producers and stars all have no clue. Do you think you’ll enjoy it if you went to China and they served you monkey brains and bird heads? Man, every time foreign stars come, you’re all busy screaming ‘Do you know kimchi?’ ‘Do you know Gangnam Style?’

[+ 1326, – 13] Man, she looked like a nice person and she just went with it. So pretty and nice

[+ 1036, – 17] What did Chloe and Eric Nam do to deserve this ;; Anywho the two look so good together ㅋㅋㅋ Chloe was so lovely when she hid behind Eric Nam


Source: TV Report and OSEN