VIVID finally releases MV for digital single “Don’t Lie To Me”

After VIVID released the digital track “Don’t Lie to Me,” the four member group released the music video for the ballad track on February 23rd. 

The black and white tinted music video did not only showcase the four member’s appearance, but revealed the their soothing vocals. As each member sang their individual parts, the clip that the vocalist would appeared in would turn into bright while the remaining parts of the music video would be tinted in black and white.

“Don’t Lie to Me” tells the story of a relationship where the boyfriend seem to constantly create lies. VIDID showcased the story as they sang, “Don’t lie to me, when you said you loved me. Don’t lie to me, when you said I was the one. I guess I was the only one who was honest.

The female group consist of Park Sung Hee, Showking, Shin Areum and Jung Ah Young. Unfortunately, an original member, Song Yi decided to leave the group, however, she is currently pursuing her dreams as an actress.

VIVID’s digital single, “Don’t Lie to Me” was originally released on February 6th.