VIVID’s Jeong A Yeong covers Kim Yeon Woo’s “Parting Taxi”

Jeong A Yeong from girl group VIVID covers long lived singer, Kim Yeon Woo‘s “Parting Taxi.”

Debuting in 2012, VIVID’s Jeong A Yeong displays her high vocal range in her latest cover. She stars off the video acting playful and showing multiple takes on her attempts to introduce herself in the most natural way. She continues to make small talk, commenting on her hair and introducing the song while throwing in some aegyo every now and then.

Taking fans off guard, A Yeong quickly throws away her antics as she completely changes, showing a sophisticated and professional side of her career. As Kim Yeon Woo is known for his ballad songs and high notes, A Yeong does not fail to mimic and amaze her fans with her piercing high notes and soft angelic voice.

Check out her cover below!