VIXX releases dance practice video for “Love Equation”

After releasing the music video for “Love Equation,” VIXX shared their dance practice session with fans as they released a dance practice video on March 4th. 

Step by step the members of VIXX revealed their adorable choreography for their latest track. Although VIXX showcased their aegyo with their fun-filled choreography, the dance practice ended in a high as two members shared a hug while the others gather in a group.

Love Equation” tells the story of the younger generation moving forward after a breakup. The upbeat track was originally released in 1995 when Re.f released their first studio album, Rave Effect. VIXX’s remake of the track was released on February 24th.

VIXX also released their remake album, Boys’ Record on February 24th which includes the tracks “Love Equation,” “Cold Night,” and “Memory.”

Meanwhile, VIXX will be holding their second solo concert, UTOPIA on March 28th and 29th at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.