VIXX takes their first #1 for “Dynamite” on The Show + Performances for April 26th

VIXX has taken their first trophy home for their newest track “Dynamite” on the latest broadcast of The Show.

Aired on April 26th, VIXX was up against UP10TION’s “Attention” and Super Junior Yesung’s “Here I Am.” Taking the win for this week with 8,841 points versus 5,493 and 7,496 points.

Congratulations to VIXX!

Performers for the night included Kum Jan Di, LABOUM, Mintty, Park Bo Ram, Berry Good, BolBbalGan 4, Bloomy, VIXX, BIGFLO, Boys Republic, SNUPER, Outsider, UP10TION, Yesung, U Sung Eun, KNK, CRA’BEAT and HISTORY.

Yesung – Here I Am

Outsider – Lose Flower Bloom

Mintty – Already Go lady

BolBbalGan 4 – Ring

Kum Jan Di – Let us Live In Seoul

Park Boram – Dynamic Love


VIXX – Dynamite

LABOUM – Journey To Atlantis

BIGFLO – When I Was Young

UP10TION – Attention

Boys Republic – Get Down


Berry Good – Angel

Bloomy – Because of You

SNUPER – Platonic Love

KNK – Angel Heart