VIXX takes first place on SBS MTV The Show with “Error”

VIXX continues to dominate with their comeback title track “Error” as they take their 2nd win on the latest episode of SBS MTV The Show on November 4th.

The TOP5 artists for the win included 2AM, Strawberry Milk, BTS, VIXX and Song Jieun, in which VIXX took the lead with 8,059 points! This is VIXX’s second consecutive win on The Show, having won last week as well.

With ecstatic looks on their faces, VIXX thanked their agency and fans for supporting them all this time. As other artists exited the stage to allow the winning group to perform their encore stage, groups such as 2AM can be seen congratulating them.

Soon after the show’s end, the male group took to their Twitter to pose with their trophy and left the message, “I am ROVIX. Today, #VIXX  agents were awarded #1 for the second time on The Show for ‘ERROR’. Unfortunately, ROVIX was sad that Agent Ken was not able to appear today. Thank you Starlight agents!”

Congratulations to VIXX!