VIXX’s N wins the internet for his acceptance speech after securing first win for “Fantasy”

VIXX is getting recognition not only for their first win for ‘Fantasy,” but also for the sincere speech by their leader, N

On August 23rd, VIXX won the trophy for their latest track “Fantasy” on The Show, their first win for their comeback. However, the speech given by VIXX’s leader, N, was praised for his little sincere tribute to the Korean athletes from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil.

The speech won the hearts of many netizens as N did not only remember winning their first trophy, but also dedicated it to the athletes who have given their best in their training for the past four years. He went on to state that, “Thank you, you have worked hard,” before thanking his fellow artists for the greetings received as well.

Fans have already dubbed N as one of the group leaders that gives the best first place speeches, while others left nothing but praise for the singer for his thoughtful words instead.

Meanwhile, VIXX is currently promoting their title track, “Fantasy.”


Source: Instiz