Watch G-Dragon give out the best fan service ever

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon sets the bar up for the “best fan service” ever given by an idol to a fan. 

On May 2nd, a video taken from BIGBANG’s recent fanmeeting in Japan showcased an interesting segment that got the fans jealous. During the fanmeeting, a fan was picked to be entertained by the members onstage and was caught in one of G-Dragon’s fiercest hugs, leaving fans jealous of her sweet fortune to be intimate with the artist.

As Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung watched by the sidelines, fans present in the event cannot help but cheer for their fellow fan as G-Dragon dedicated a sweet and physical fanservice, leaving her shy right after.

It was also during the same fan meeting where G-Dragon showcased his big “koala hug” for fellow member Daesung.