WA$$UP releases MV teaser for “Shut Up U”

Despite already promoting on various music shows, WA$$UP continues to excite fans they unveil the teaser for their upcoming track “Shut Up U” on December 3rd.In the teaser the girls of Wa$$up are in their trendy urban outfits singing the line, “Yeah, boy,” while a man in animal mask parade around town.The sound gives off fun and upbeat vibe that one can easily dance along to. “Shut Up U” is the a track from their 2nd mini album, Showtime. 

They recently released concept images as well as the track list for the album which contains 6 tracks.

In related news, recently WA$$UP apologized to their Muslim fans for the set used on MBC‘s Show Champion  which utilized Islamic symbols.

You can watch Wa$$up’s teaser below: