WA$$UP reveals mysterious image teaser + “Showtime” photoshoot BTS

On December 12th, girl group WA$$UP shared a mysterious image teaser through Facebook and Twitter, causing much curiosity as to what the surprise will be. In addition, the ladies revealed behind the scenes footage of their photoshoot for Showtime.

The group recently made a comeback with their track, “Shut Up U,” an upbeat dance song full of energy. Now, with the release of this image teaser it appears that the members have more surprises up their sleeves. The photo is a mysterious one indeed, showing seven silhouettes against a black background with a large red question mark in front of them. The only clue this teaser gives is the text it is captioned with, reading, “[#WASSUP] 2014.12.15 (Mon) 12:00PM Coming Soon!

Fans are hopeful that this teaser alludes to the release of a music video for “Showtime,” one of the other tracks off the mini-album.

In addition, the  behind the scenes video shows the members finishing up with their hair and make up before showing cuts of the photoshoot. The girls give fans a look at their creative hairstyles and hair colors, accented by their sharp makeup.

Check out the teaser and behind the scenes footage here: