[★Weekly Series] K-Pop Mood Playlist – Turnt Up

If getting tipsy wasn’t enough for you after the last K-Pop Mood Playlist and you’re feeling like you’re ready for some more, this week’s playlist is full of tracks to get you turnt up. With artists like Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, and Untouchable, this week’s playlist will be your soundtrack to camping out at the club all weekend.

1. Dok2 – Turnt Up

  • If we’re going to make a playlist about being turnt up, it only feels right that we start off with a song called “Turnt Up.” Dok2 is a pro and he effortlessly owns this track.

2. Untouchable – Hit Da Club (feat. B-Free and Beenzino)

  • “Hit Da Club” has a familiar sound and beat but Untouchable, B-Free, and Beenzino make it something uniquely their own.

3. Dynamic Duo – 사우나 (Sauna) (feat. E-Sens)

  • “Sauna” is a super hard rap track that is the apex of Dynamic Duo’s ability. The track is a total club banger that you can’t help but turn all the way up when it comes on.

4. GD&TOP – High High

  • Big Bang’s first sub-unit rocked the k-pop world back in 2010 with the release of “High High,” a song totally composed to be pounding through the speakers in a club. And if you needed any more direction, the video was shot at a surprise private party at a real club in Seoul.

5. GD x TAEYANG – Good Boy

  • While we’re at it, Big Bang’s newest sub-unit begs to be included when the lyrics of the chorus just say, “Turn it up!” “Good Boy” is a killer track that is just as at home blaring in the club as it is blasting in your car.

6. Supreme Team -땡땡땡 (Dang Dang Dang)

  • “Dang Dang Dang” is probably one of the most well-known Korean hip-hop songs in the country, but may not be as known domestically. This track, the biggest hit from the late great Supreme Team, will get you throwing your elbows up and is also a favorite to be covered by other artists and idols, including EXO and SHINee to name a few.

7. Swings – Bulldozer

  • “Bulldozer” is a perfect mix of Swings’ brutal rap and a composition that can still get you bumping along to the beat.

8. Jay Park – Appetizer

  • Showing his true versatility as an artists, Jay Park kills it in “Appetizer,” and in both Korean and English. The track is rap heavy but something you could still bounce to at a house party.

9. Epik High – 부르즈 할리파 (Burj Khalifa)(feat. Yankie & Gaeko)

  • Burj Khalifa, off Epik High’s new killer album Shoebox, is more like the anti-turnt up track. Saying no, no, no to drugs, Tablo, Yankie, and Gaeko are up in the sky feeling so high without the help of any illicit activity. They may be reppin’ that straight-edge lifestyle, but this track is anything but tame.

Check out the playlist and stay tuned to Koreaboo each week for a new K-Pop Mood Playlist. Until next time… ♥