What if SM Entertainment were to withdraw all their artists from broadcasts?

A recent netizen post on Instiz asked a supposed question asking, “What if all SM and SM C&C celebrities were to withdraw from all broadcasts?” revealing a shocking result.

The original poster lists all celebrities currently under either SM Entertainment or its subsidiary SM C&C (Culture & Content), revealing just how many of its celebrities are seen on television and radio broadcasts.

The list excludes CFs, dramas, and films

Music BankIrene
Cool Kidz on the BlockKang Ho Dong, Yuri
Immortal SongShin Dong Yup
Hello CounselorShin Dong Yup
A Song For You 4Kangin, Amber  – intended broadcast July 19th

I Live AloneJun Hyun Moo
We Got MarriedKang Ye Won, Joy
Radio StarKyuhyun
Show! Music CoreMinho, Yeri
Three Wheels Shin Dong Yup

Star King Kang Ho Dong, Leeteuk
Law of the Jungle Kim Byung Man
Changup Star ShowJun Hyun Moo
Animal FarmShin Dong Yup

Other Cable Networks
Problematic Man Jun Hyun Moo
Abnormal SummitJun Hyun Moo, Zhang Yuan, Yuta
Where Is My Friend’s HomeZhang Yuan
Wednesday Food TalkShin Dong Yup, Jun Hyun Moo
SNL Korea – Shin Dong Yup
Witch HuntShin Dong Yup
What to Eat Today?Shin Dong Yup
Brave JournalistsShin Dong Yup, Kim Tae Hyun
The ShowZhoumi
M! CountdownKey
Heart-a-Tag – Tiffany
White SwanLeeteuk
Legend of BilliardsLee Soo Geun, Jang Dong Hyuk
Hyoyeon’s 1 Million LikesHyoyeon
Always Cantare Henry
MAPS Kim Hee Chul, Yuri
Girls’ Generation ChannelGirls’ Generation

Blue NightJonghyun
FM DateSunny
Good Morning FM It’s Jun Hyun MooJun Hyun Moo

The poster continues to writes, “Excluding Girls’ Generation’s reality show, there are at least 46 empty spots. If including SM artists in CFs, dramas, movies, there are at least 60 spots available.”

Netizens commented:

– Oh! Kang Ye Won was in SM…

– WOW, there’s a lot!

– Dong Yup, there would be so many empty seats

– Would it be that the broadcasting stations calling them or SM placing them in these spots… there are so many

– Among all the spots… Shin Dong Yup has so many, it’s amazing

– Wow… this can’t happen… Shin Dong Yup

– Wow, daebak!

– Finding replacements would be so hard.

– Shin Dong Yup by himself has 9!

– All the music shows have SM MC’s except for Inkigayo!

– SM is powerful

Source: Instiz