What This Train Station Did To Inspire People To Move Is Simply EPIC

In a campaign to promote active lifestyles and its new line of footwear, Reebok set up a surprise duel game at the subway station.

Opening with statistics that were a testament to how few people maintain active lifestyles, the video then let the games begin.

Paired with an engrossing cinematography style that keeps viewers on the edges of their seats, the short clip showed matches of people on opposite platforms. The name of the game? To press more lit buttons than your competitor.

These matches encouraged subway takers to run back and forth during the game, leaving them celebrating after the rounds. The winners of each match were also gifted with a free pair of ZPump shoes, encouraging them to continue on with their healthy lifestyles triggered by the game.

Many viewers of the video dubbed this a genius marketing technique while others commented on how fun it appeared to be.

Take a look here: