WINNER takes #1 on M! Countdown with “Sentimental” + Performance for February 25th

Boy group WINNER takes their first #1 trophy on music show M! Countdown on the latest broadcast as they went head-to-head with girl group unit AOA Cream.

Aired on February 25th, WINNER’s “Sentimental” was up against AOA Cream’s “I’m Jelly Baby,” taking the win with 9,895 points over 6,032 points. This is the YG Entertainment boy group’s first win since their epic comeback from a hiatus since the release of their debut album in August 2014.

Other artists who performed that night included NU’EST, Double S 301, Ladies’ Code, Rainbow, MAMAMOO, Brave Girls, B.A.P, Big Brain, ASTRO, AOA Cream, Cosmic Girls, WINNER, Jun Joon Young, Jo Kwon, Taemin, 4MINUTE, and 4TEN.

WINNER – Sentimental + NO.1

Jun Joon Young – Sympathy

Cosmic Girls – Catch Me + Mo Mo Mo

Ladies’ Code – Galaxy

MAMAMOO – I Miss You + You’re the Best

B.A.P – Carnival + Feel So Good

Taemin – Soldier + Drip Drop + Press Your Number

Double S 301 – PAIN

4MINUTE – Hate

Rainbow – Whoo

Brave Girls – Deepened

Jo Kwon – Crosswalk

4TEN – Severely

AOA – I’m Jelly Baby

NU’EST – Overcome

Big Brain – No-YES